Client Engagements


Star Wars

As of early 2015, an exciting engagement with Star Wars kicked off. This iconic franchise was looking to move their digital platform in a new direction and we're currently working on new and innovative products together....

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These days, the engagement with Disney is more of an on-going partnership and is now involving the team in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Shanghai where we transform innovative products into a beautiful and consistent platform....

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Warner Bros

The work with Warner Bros and Telepictures started back in 2010 while designing the Ellen Degeneres Show website. The focus has been to bring Warner products and shows in to a modern and sophisticated media platform. ...

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Time Inc

Creating digital solutions and online platforms for Time Inc's range of brands and magazines. The engagement started back in 2010 while working on the design and direction for the online space of Essence Magazine....

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In The Blog


Adidas Superstar Assets

Asset creation is becoming a big part of what I do these days and I find myself spending more an more time creating artwork to later become part of applications and other digital explorations that I'm working on....

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Nike Stadium Creation

The stadium in the Nike project opens up the space and introduces the user to information, products and navigational items in a new and more interactive way. The visual is designed from ground up using shapes and textures....

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Nerby Bizz Cards

As any designer would know, it's a frustrating task to design collateral, logos or any promotional material for that matter that has your own name on it! I finally decided to sort out my cards and I'm very happy with the end result....

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Nike Mobile UI

These mobile screens were part of an e-commerce exploration for Nike that I worked on. A vision that bridges retail, online commerce, and digital user engagement by creating a richer and more engaging app experience....

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