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Adidas Superstar Assets

Asset creation is becoming a big part of what I do these days and I find myself spending more an more time creating artwork to later become part of applications and other digital explorations that I'm working on....

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Nike Stadium Creation

The stadium in the Nike project opens up the space and introduces the user to information, products and navigational items in a new and more interactive way. The visual is designed from ground up using shapes and textures....

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Nerby Bizz Cards

As any designer would know, it's a frustrating task to design collateral, logos or any promotional material for that matter that has your own name on it! I finally decided to sort out my cards and I'm very happy with the end result....

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Nike Mobile UI

These mobile screens were part of an e-commerce exploration for Nike that I worked on. A vision that bridges retail, online commerce, and digital user engagement by creating a richer and more engaging app experience....

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