Nike One

UX/UI App Design & Concept


Nike One was a product that never came live and ended up as a digital exploration that connects retail, e-commerce and user engagement by creating a richer and more engaging app experience between consumer and products that prompts the user with targeted content and products. As users interact with the application, the platform learns more about their needs and habits and stores all relevant data such as a users shoe size, shirt size, pant size, favorite teams, favorite sports, favorite colors, and favorite Nike-sponsored athletes.


To design an app with a fresh and innovative UI with a strong focus on user behavior providing people with tailored content and products.


To display content and products within a rich immersive app environment while also driving engagement and higher conversion.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Concept Design
Final Design



An immersive content experience

The app needed a new way of challenging e-commerce and how users interact and connect with products within an app format. The app provided a beautiful reading experience, but the backend connected people with tailored products and advertising based on user behavior and interest. The content and various products were designed as rich modules giving people an interactive experience while moving between scenes, information or products. Whether or not a person was looking at a specific product or going through stored content, the app provided a beautiful visual experience with an interactive twist.