Empire Jerky

Branding & UX/UI Design.


The Empire Group wanted help to set one of their premium products a part from the rest by establishing a new brand from scratch, connect it with consumers while also re-thinking their identity in the digital space. I created a look and feel covering the product itself, merchandise, presentation boxes, display units, a responsive website and the Empire Club loyalty rewards program. The outcome was an elegant product with a premium feel!


To design a unique brand positioning them as a premium product in the market while also developing a modern website with an innovative touch.


To create a brand, packaging and website that puts the Empire product ahead of its competitors and giving them a unique place in the digital space.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Brand Design
Final Design
Design Prototype



A branded website with a twist

The website was designed as a responsive setup catering for all devices from desktop down to mobile. The site provided information about the brand and the products while also enabling a custom e-commerce component letting customers purchase products or setup a subscription to have products delivered on an on-going basis. A membership section called Empire Club was designed up from scratch where customers were able to login to their account giving them access the their membership enabling them to control and customize their subscriptions as well as maintaining all other admin related tasks.