QLD Ballet

UX/UI Website Design.


An elegant microsite showcasing the 2013 season productions of Queensland Ballet. The website was designed and developed in a responsive manner featuring HTML5 video integration with a sophisticated UI on top introducing all the shows available from the campaign such as Cinderella, Giselle and Elegance with the added-on ability to purchase tickets. The site was designed with full-screen video in focus and all assets were edited in After Effects for final comp and animations. All images courtesy of the Queensland Ballet and the artists: Photographs and Art Direction by the talented Alexia Sinclair.


To design a fresh and modern microsite promoting the new season of shows from Queensland Ballet within a modern and beautiful user experience.


To create a beautiful online experience connecting and educating people of what the new season had to offer while also increase ticket sales.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Final Design
Design Presentation
Design Prototyping



An interactive approach to media and content

To display the shows in its true art form, rich video was introduced to each show template providing a full screen “immersive” experience as well as snippets from the show giving people a sneak peak at to what to expect when going to the theatre’s. Each show template was setup using a vertical system allowing for smooth interactive transitions in-between the scenes and pages that present information, videos and news articles within a fresh and modern interface.

Simplified mobile experience

Concern with the amount of video content featured on the desktop version of the website, a cut down version was made for mobile viewers only focusing more on content and images giving users a more informational approach to the content. All interactive modules were converted down to fit a mobile ratio including slideshows and carousels and the result was a streamlined mobile friendly experience.