UX/UI Website Design.


Designed for the legends at Evolut Group, NextFleet (a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation) is a fleet management and mobility solutions company who wanted a complete make-over of their website. The project included a public facing marketing site with informational content modules and custom interactive calculators as well as a backend portal giving access to tools and statistics for all staff and customers. The result was a modern yet functional experience that increased engagement and better conversion, all refined and tested through multiple sprints.


To design a website that explains the core services and represents the brand values with a high emphasis on user interactivity and visual content in a functional yet innovative design.


To create a better online environment for the brand that clearly communicates their values and services as well as providing digital tools to simplify daily tasks.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Final Design
Design Prototype
User Testing



Assessment calculators

A number of step-by-step calculators were designed for customers to get a quick assessment on whether or not they should buy or lease vehicles. These interactive tools allowed NexFleet to provide personalized feedback to their customer’s most pressing questions and how their services could be used in the most cost affective way. The module was designed with a clean UI giving as much emphasis as possible to the questions and data that was being collected throughout the process.

A full responsive setup

The website was designed as a full responsive setup covering desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The templates were categorized in to different levels and tiers where major landing pages acted as a hub with a more graphical approach to structure and information where more content specific pages were designed with minimal approach pushing more focus on the message or services. The overall look and feel of the website was constructed utilizing existing brand guidelines connecting the templates with colors, type and other graphical brand angles.