UX/UI Website Design.


For a brand that is represented as “a dark minimal twisted aesthetic for tomorrows youth” and as a faceless brand with no emotion, I wanted customers to truly experience what the brand represented within a branded online experience. The website features two major sections: a simplified shopping experience with an innovative approach to e-commerce in the digital space as well as a live brand experience connecting social media platforms on to the website letting customers experience the brand and what it represents.


To design a new website and shopping experience with a high emphasis on user interactivity and brand content in a functional yet beautiful design.


To create a better online e-commerce / shopping experience for customers while also increasing awareness between social media and the product catalogue.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Design Direction
Final Design
Design Presentation



A simplified, yet rich mobile experience

All modules were designed to respond to mobile screens seamlessly. All content such as photography and video were carefully cropped for maximum impact on various mobile devices and all interactive components such as carousels and other media galleries were converted down to a piece by piece modular format to achieve the best viewing experience possible. The e-commerce component of the shop was simplified where the user could choose how they wanted to view the grid of products with easy access to filter menus on top.

A flexible, yet clean shopping experience

The e-commerce template was setup on a 12 column grid allowing for four products per row with the inclusion of branded promotional areas such as video or advertising designed to sit within the grid giving the layout breathing room as well as injecting a more immersive brand experience. The template also allowed for a filter panel to be animated in to view keeping the four product columns in place while users could filter down to their desired product of choice.

Integrated social feeds

A big part of the brand and its audience lives on social media and therefor plays a major role in the brand experience. A branded and integrated social feed was introduced to experience published content from social media platforms bringing it all together in a seamless template telling a visual story of what the brand truly represents.