UX/UI Website Design.


Designed for the legends at Evolut Group, LAVO wanted to introduce the next generation of green energy storage with a modern yet slick website that gave customers an immersive experience of the brand and its core product. The website was a “full width and height browser experience” with a minimal approach to the UI putting maximum emphasis on the content and the product itself. The website featured news, information and an easy “step by step” process to order the product through their e-commerce engine. The design was brand focused with added transitional animations on top giving people a smoother overall experience.


To design a website that explains the product and represents the brand values with a high emphasis on user interactivity and visual content in a functional yet innovative design.


To drive interest and brand awareness through an online experience showcasing the information and product in a fresh and modern way while also driving higher conversion.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Concept Design
Final Design
Design Presentation



Responsive website design

All templates were designed to respond to mobile screens seamlessly. Best practices for mobile environments were applied, such as: simpler navigation, more focused content, lists or rows instead of multiple columns. The mobile experience had a more vertical and stacked approach to various content modules and all interactive components such as carousels and galleries were converted down to a piece by piece modular format to achieve the best viewing experience possible.

Minimal UI. Max focus on content

All content templates were designed with the same methodology where the overall structure and interface was kept minimal with max focus on key content and the product itself. All templates were designed to have a “full width and height browser experience” maximizing the impact of graphics and content on all digital devices. A set of interactions modules and animated transitions were also designed, giving people a smooth experience when transitioning in between pages and different scenes.