CUA Bank

UX/UI App & Website Design.


CUA was at a phase where they were looking to unify the design language throughout a number of products, campaigns and their main website. The project involved a conceptual design phase of what their online baking app could look like as well as final designs for the application processes and the main website promoting all services and products on offer. The result was a modern yet functional experience that increased engagement and better conversion, all refined and tested through multiple sprints.


To setup a design language covering all digital products as well as major website focusing on a beautiful experience as well as innovative design thinking and interactivity.


To design a modern system unifying all digital marketing tools to give members a better experience connecting with the brand while driving higher conversion.

Project Includes

Design Ideation
Concept Design
Final Design
User Testing



A simplified and intuitive application process


The old legacy process of handling individual applications (no matter what product) was heavily outdated which took the user through a number of pages with massive forms. As a result of that experience, CUA saw a large bounce rate where customers got frustrated and gave up on the process half way through their application.

Design Solution

CUA needed a more intuitive and simplified application process for any of their products. The solution was a modern interface acting like a hub (a central place for all products) where the requested information was compressed down to the very essentials and broken up in to a more interactive and intuitive step by step like process.

A modular website design

Because of the large amount of rotating content and constantly changing campaigns, the website needed to be designed with a true modular setup in mind. The entire design language had a large number of modules designed and developed allowing producers and writers to create templates on the fly where each module could be customized and positioned however needed on a page. The website was primarily designed to be functional where larger landing pages promoting specific products or services needed more of a graphical treatment creating more of an atmosphere around each product.