Fc Barcelona

UX/UI Website Concept Design.


The club’s online identity needed a refresh and a new take on how to display media content, data and overall statistics from both the team and individual players within an online experience. The initiative was to create a better online experience for the club connecting the team and its millions of fans in more intriguing and innovative ways. The result challenges a more innovative approach to content including: team formations, player profiles and virtual tours.


To design a new online experience for the club, members and fans around the world with a high emphasis on user interactivity and visual content in a functional yet innovative design.


To create a better online experience for the club connecting the team and its millions of fans in more innovative ways with a more visual and innovative approach to content.

Project Includes

Concept Design
Final Design
Design Prototype



Individual player profiles

Each player page features and interactive profile page covering individual information, bio, news and much more. The template was designed to feature a media panel introducing each player in a modern graphical format with an interactive news feed attached to it. Fans have the opportunity to dig deeper in to specific player statistics covering both seasons and entire careers. An interactive media gallery was introduced to give fans a more immersive experience exploring their favorite player.

Statistics made beautiful

Content and data visualization was always a big part of the project where the club needed to step away from the old format of displaying information within tables. The statistics / data needed to be more dynamic and interactive so that the user got to experience a more graphical representation of whichever data they were looking for within a themed experience representing the core brand. The visuals designed focused mainly on individual player performances but also player comparisons where a user could select what type of data to display.

Interactive modules and experiences.


Even though fans kept up to date with team news through articles posted from the club, there was very little engagement beyond just a passive reading experience. FCB needed a new way of delivering content in a more interactive and engaging way letting fans around the world come together and share their thoughts on the team.

Design Solution

A number of interactive models were designed, so fans could interact, connect and share their experience with both live and post game content. Fans were able to participate in player ratings with a world wide audience, engage with the team through sophisticated media players as well as having a full tour of the museum at the Camp Nou stadium.